Chula Vista
United States

Anne Steinberger has been the City of Chula Vista's Marketing & Communications Manager for more than five years. She will share with the club results from the recent THIS is Chula marketing campaign.

The “THIS is Chula.” awareness and advertising campaign was developed by a local municipal consulting firm, NV5, along with Ameba Marketing and ProMedia. Chula Vista community and business leaders collaborated on the campaign messaging. The city’s communications efforts will support the campaign with social media, public education, outreach and information. 

The Office of Communications implements a proactive, informative, creative and innovative marketing and communications program that encompasses:

  • Promote and market City of Chula Vista assets, signature projects, programs, and services

  • Provide marketing and communications support for City programs and services
  • Expand community engagement and partnerships
  • Enhance City of Chula Vista image and brand
  • Organize and attract special events
  • Implement Web, social and digital media programs
  • Provide marketing, communications, and graphic design services
  • Coordinate a proactive media relations program