Something that you might know about me is that I have had the good fortune to travel to many countries around the world.  Something you might not know about me is that on a trip to Africa, I was jumped on by a Lion.
I grew up in Bonita and attended the local schools graduating from Bonita Vista.  I went on to Southwestern and transferred to Utah State Univ. in Logan Utah.   I was always interested in wildlife and Utah State had a program in Animal Science and Animal Behavior.   It was my plan to graduate, come home and work for the San Diego Zoo.  Instead my dad asked me to join the family business and if I did not like it, I could go back to school and finish.
I worked in the car business for 43 years starting with my family at Colonial Ford and later having my own Dealership, San Diego Dodge for 17 years.
I have two kids both older than I am and three grandsons.
My special interest are Fly Fishing, Birding, Travel, and Wine and Food.  Fly fishing and my business provided my many opportunities to travel and so to date, I have visited 47 countries and all seven continents.  My dad was ill his last few years and we made the most of our time together fishing from Alaska to South America to a small island in the South Pacific called Christmas Island.
On my second trip to South Africa we were visiting a Lion propagation center, and it was here where I had the chance to hold and handle their Lions.  The little ones were just three weeks old.  The older male lions we played with, were still growing at 300 lbs.   I had asked to go in with the bigger cats and it was then that as we were playing, one of the big boys jumped on my back.  Who wouldn’t love that?
I am now retired and spend my time with family, fly fishing with friends, birding South America, and volunteering at the San Diego Zoo.