Chula Vista
United States of America

California Innocence Project (CIP): California Innocence Project (CIP) is dedicated to releasing wrongfully convicted inmates, providing an outstanding educational experience to law

students, & promoting a fair and effective criminal justice system by advocating for change in California laws and policy. CIP works to secure freedom for our clients after

years of wrongful incarceration, reunite them with their families and reconnect them to their communities. Over the past seventeen years, CIP has helped free thirty people who have spent a

combined two hundred and sixty-four years in prison wrongfully.


Jasmin Harris Bio: Jasmin has been with the Project since 2014. She began as a volunteer while she was an operating partner in two of the Original Pancake House restaurants in San Diego. In her work now as External Relations Administrator, Jasmin oversees all development and policy work for the Project. She is responsible for shepherding proposed bills and policy measures through the legislature. Several bills sponsored by the Project have now become law. Exonerees are now able to make requests for information regarding available evidence to prove their innocence; be given fair compensation, and ask for transitional services upon their release. Jasmin’s work in legislation have also dramatically changed police practices and procedures regarding eyewitness identification.