Contact: Gary Bryant
Chula Vista
United States of America

Please park on the street as their parking lot will be needed for the food distribution line.  The best place to park is on I Street on the south side of the church campus.  Enter the campus through the driveway off I Street.

What we will be doing:  the first hour (8:00 – 9:00 am) the volunteers will be breaking down the pallets of food and putting the food into boxes/bags that will then be distributed to the families and individuals.  The drive-up and walk-up lines will open at 9:00 am and continue until the food is gone.  Please note this will entail standing for up to 4 hours and possibly some lifting. 

Who to contact when you arrive: Johnny Viloria, Project Hand Manager.  He will coordinate what area needs your assistance.

Water:  Water will be provided.  Take a break if needed.

What to wear:  Comfortable clothing and shoes depending on the weather that day.  Wear your Rotary t-shirt if you have one.  They will provide a colored safety vest to wear but if you have one please bring it. 

COVID Protocols/Practices:  Masks are optional so this is an individual decision to wear one or not.