Chula Vista
home of Lisa & Eric Johnson
2808 Via Del Caballo Blanco
Bonita, CA  91902
United States of America

Please join the Rotary Community Projects Committee in our end-of-year celebration and to ring in the holidays.  What kind of a Community Projects Committee would we be if we didn’t invite our ‘community?’  So, we’ve turned our celebrate into our club social for December. 

Attire:  Totally casual &/or festive holiday!


Location:  Casa de Johnson (2808 Via Del caballo blanco, Bonita)

What to bring: 

  • Option one – not a thing
  • Option two – your favorite whiskey (we’re making Manhattans) or a favorite bottle of wine or some beer
  • Option three – a favorite dessert (preferably HOMEMADE) to share
  • A jacket or sweater in case there is a chill in the air (so you can sit outside by the firepit)
  • I hope you can join us and come hang with friends!  Please RSVP by 12/5 to ljohnson@ntcfoundation.org.  Spouses/significant others welcome and encouraged!