Chula Vista
United States

The Community Opus Project includes after school instrumental orchestra and band programs for students in Chula Vista. Musicians meet together with a team of Teaching Artists – all professional musicians and educators – for two hours of music instruction, twice per week. Classes meet at five elementary schools and are open to students from any Chula Vista school.

Students at each of the five Opus sites are divided two groups: Esperanza and Alegría. Esperanza musicians are the students participating in Opus for the first time. Alegría musicians have at least one year of instrumental experience. Each class for both Esperanza and Alegría musicians includes one hour of full ensemble instruction and one hour of sectional instruction. There are multiple opportunities throughout the year for the musicians to perform at concerts and other events.

Opus musicians who are in middle school and who have been learning music for at least two years are welcome to audition for chamber ensembles that rehearse for an hour each week and perform at various venues and events throughout the region. These musicians also meet quarterly to perform as a full-ensemble.