Chula Vista
United States of America

Tommy Sablan has dedicated his life to giving. As a Chula Vista native, he is not only proud of his San Diego roots but also heavily involved in communities and organizations across the county. While his philanthropic lifestyle is rooted in his desire to help others, he has had several experiences that have shaped his path. Mr. Sablan’s journey, as many of our own, can be traced back to his childhood. He is able to look back fondly on the efforts his single mother made into showing her children love and ensuring that they always had what they needed, even with the financial struggles they faced. However, there were other complex relationships throughout his childhood and into adulthood that have inspired him to help others through his work with San Diego juvenile halls and schools. Both of his older brothers became heroin addicts at a young age and combatted the issue for the majority of their lives. While much of their relationship was strained due to anger and other issues, he has since been able to forgive them and that has allowed the experience to teach him valuable lessons that he can share.