The following is based on a transcription from a document hand written in September 1981, by Cal Lauderbach, a Charter Member of the Chula Vista Rotary Club, telling of the first years of the Club. It has been edited and updated to respond to the history request from PDG Pat Crowell dated August 20, 2008.
I. Original Club
Five Chula Vista businessmen met at the office of Ed Melville, 305 Third Ave to discuss the procedure for forming a Chula Vista Rotary Club.  This was in January, 1926, and it might be said that Chula Vista Rotary was born at that meeting.
The Club was sponsored by the San Diego Club, under the immediate help and guidance of Hal Hobson of that Club.  After preparing and submitting the application, the Charter was officially presented on Feb. 16th, 1926.  There were 24 charter members included in the application. 
II. Early Meetings
The first meeting was held in the Fire Station bldg – near the corner of “F” Street and 3rd Avenue – after about a year, the meeting place was changed to the San Diego Country Club.
The San Diego Rotary Club carefully nurtured the Chula Vista Club during the first year, inviting the club to a number of joint meetings.
The Club was fortunate that first year to have Warner Edmonds, local bank manager, as its First President.  Warner was a leading business and Council leader, and laid a firm foundation.
The Second President was Dr. Felix Ashcroft, whose scintillating wit and humor kept the meetings lively.  Felix continued to build upon the early foundation.
The Third President was Cal Lauderbach (writer of this in 1981) , a leader in the educational community.
III. Achievements:
In 1931, during the Presidency of Arthur Done, the Chula Vista Club sponsored a club in Tijuana, Mex. as a project in International Service.
Our club has produced three District Governors, George Ash in 1945-46, George Cornell in 1965-66 and Dave Allen in 1989-90.
IV Special Occasion
In October, 1960, President Eisenhower attended one of our meetings at the San Diego Country Club. There is no doubt about it – the visit by President Eisenhower was one of the biggest events ever in Chula Vista history and was certainly the most impressive meeting the club ever staged.  And for one day the news of the world was datelined: Chula Vista, California, October 21, 1960!
Retired Judge Manuel Kugler is currently spearheading a tree planting and plaques at the Chula Vista City Hall to commemorate the occasion.  Judge Kugler was the program chairman for the Eisenhower visit.