Rotary is a community of friends who are committed to creating positive change in the world. Rotary brings together community leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations to share their ideas for making the world a better place. By combining their distinct skills and expertise, Rotary members are tackling some of the world's most pressing problems – from local initiatives like feeding the hungry to global efforts like eradicating polio.
It all begins at the weekly club meeting, where members catch up with friends, hear what's happening in their community, and organize club activities and service projects. It's a fun way to connect with the people in your community who share your passion for doing good.
What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it. Below are the expectations that we have of our members.
Attendance: We expect our members to attend at least 60 percent of our regular meetings every six months. Our Rotary club meets weekly, with exceptions for certain holidays. The Rotary attendance requirement is one of the precepts that set it apart from other service organizations. Its purpose is to emphasize the importance to the club and the community of active participation by each member in all club activities.
Our Rotary club meets Fridays, from 12:10 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the Chula Vista Country Club at the intersection of Bonita Road and Otay Lakes Road. Weekly meetings are comprised of club business and a weekly guest speaker.
Service: We expect our members to participate in one or more of our service projects throughout the year, whether it’s assembling bicycles to give away at Christmas or helping to build a home for a destitute family in Tijuana. Most of our service projects are on weeknight evenings or, more often, weekends. The time for each project ranges from an hour or two to all day. To see a list of our recurring projects, click here
Cost: Members can expect to spend $1,200 per year in dues and meal costs, which are typically billed each quarter ($300 every three months). Meal costs are charged regardless of attendance at our weekly meetings.
Many of our members also make contributions to the Chula Vista Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Foundation. One hundred percent of each dollar contributed is used for local or worldwide service projects. We encourage members to support each foundation with a pledge of $250 or more per year. Members may keep pledge amounts confidential. With the exception of two “fines” to support the Chula Vista Rotary Foundation -- $20 during the member’s birth month and $25 when the member completes “Blue Badge” requirements – contributions to either foundation are strictly voluntary.
The typical full-year financial obligation for a Chula Vista Rotarian can be broken down as follows.
Initiation fee (one time)             $135
Annual dues (prorated at initiation and billed each calendar quarter) 
Weekly lunches (mandatory prepaid mails $840
Annual birthday fine $  20
Blue Badge fine (one time)    $  25
Recommended donation to the Chula Vista Rotary Foundation $250 (voluntary)
Recommended donation to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International  $250 (voluntary)
Steps to Becoming a Rotarian
Membership in Rotary is by invitation only. This ensures members are respected professional or community leaders committed to our motto of “Service Above Self.”
Membership Invitation: Often a person being considered for membership is invited by a Chula Vista Rotarian to attend 2-3 club meetings to learn more about Rotary. An individual who is interested in membership, but doesn’t know any Rotarians, can contact our Executive Secretary.
Membership Application: Once the invited guest decides to apply for membership, they can submit an Application for Membership. The club Board of Directors, and the members at large, approve all membership applications. A decision about admitting a person to the club generally occurs within a few weeks of receiving the application.
The new Rotarian is then introduced at the next club meeting, and is provided with a Rotary pin, the club’s by-laws, an invoice for the first year’s dues, and a temporary red badge. It becomes the new Rotarian’s immediate objective to replace that temporary red badge with a permanent blue badge.
Blue Badge: New members receive a temporary name badge in red. To earn the permanent blue badge, members must complete the following steps.
  • Greet members arriving at our luncheon meetings for four weeks.
  • Attend at least one District Council meeting.
  • Attend at least one meeting of another Rotary Club.
  • Attend a Fireside Chat. This meeting provides an in-depth orientation to the club and Rotary International.
  • Pay your initial invoice, and complete the committee membership and pledge sheets provided upon induction.
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Other Questions
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