Member picture Lisette was born and raised in San Diego.  Along with her mom, dad, brother and sister, she spent most of her early years living in Imperial Beach.  Life took her  just a little bit further north by the time she became a teenager, which is just to say that she graduated from Chula Vista High School, a proud Spartan.  For college and grad school she went to UC Berkeley and UCLA but, afterwards, quickly came back to the city she loves.

Lisette has spent her career working in the foundation and nonprofit fields.  She is passionate about finding new and better ways to help people and communities be healthier, happier and more civically active. While she has lived in the South Bay for the majority of her life, she finally had the opportunity to work in our region when she took a position with MAAC in late 2014. Today she serves as MAAC's Chief Impact Officer -- a job that often has her working long hours but feeling very happy.

When she is not elbow deep in a project for work, Lisette is likely to be riding a bike alongside her four-year old, Lilly, enjoying one of her husband, Randy's great meals or chasing after her dog, Hurley.  She loves to learn and would like to say she spends her fee time reading but usually falls asleep as soon as she settles down and cracks open a book.