On January 17, 2018,members of the  the three Chula Vista Rotary clubs gathered at the home of Lourdes and Sal Valdez to greet a contingent of Rotary District Governors-elect (DGE) that are in San Diego for the Rotary International Assembly where they receive their training for their service as District Governors.  The sumptuous meal of tacos and all the trimmings along with wine and delicious desserts and a time of fellowship and sharing made the evening a great success.  They came from New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Honduras, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Norway, India, the Netherlands and USA. Each DGE shared a short story of the activities of their district. This provided them a time of relaxation with their spouses and a time to connect with other DGE's on possible shared projects for their year. They are pictured above.