Rotary is an ideal mix of neighbors who are also community leaders with integrity, purpose, and experience. Here you'll find our members and their classifications. 
Jim Algert / Civil Engineering
Rich Anderson / Automobile Dealership
Chuck Bevan / Employee Benefits
Jim Biddle / Financial & Estate Planning
Bob Bliss / Accounting
Steve Brodbeck / Chiropractic
Gary Bryant / Banking
Duane Buckingham / Equipment Leasing Broker
Rhonda Campbell
Sarah Cantu / Hospital Philanthropy
Suzanne Catanzaro / Private Education
Mitch Compton / Property Management
Dave Corbin / Religion
Jay Dalseth / Manufacturing Technology
Tom Davies / Rentals
Mora de Murgia / Real Estate Development
Elisabet Dinsmore / Tax Preparation
Reed Dinsmore / Criminal Law
Dan Dredla / Hospital Administration
Zaneta Encarnacion / Charitable Marketing
Frankie Escobedo / Education Administration
Fred Figueroa / Warden
Nick Gistaro / Prosthodontic Dentistry
Glen Googins / Law
Mike Green / Estate Planning Law
Mark Greene / Used Car Retailing
Sue Hauwiller / Periodontic Dentistry
Neisha Hernandez / Dance & Music Education
David Hoffman / Commerical Insurance
Laura Humphreys / YMCA
Lisa Johnson / Community Public Relations
Maria Kachadoorian / Municipal Government Finance
Ben Koala / Accountant
Chris Lewis / Real Estate Broker
Mauricio Lutteroth / Self Storage Marketing
Dan Mason / Optometry
Jerry May / Airplane Manufacturing
Jan Mellinger / Marriage & Family Therapy
Jon Miller / Real Estate Investments
Kathy Mits / General Dentistry
Mike Monaco / Publishing
Ramon Moncada / Physician
Donna Moss / Investment Planning
Bill Padelford / Education Administration
Lane Pearson / Retail Auto
John Pullen / Psychology
Liz Ramirez / Non-Profit Engagement
Gerald Ramirez / Wealth Management
Troy Ray / Retail Management
Leon Redondo / Software Development
Carmen Richardson / Philanthropy
Eric Rimmele / Hospitality
Ralph Rodriguez / Supply Chain Management
Peter Rullan / Dermatology
Carlos Sanchez / Pediatrics
Carmen Sandoval-Fernandez / Public Transportation
Mark Scott / Real Estate Development
Cheryl Shields / Non-Profit Event Facilitator
Bob Silvas / Government Business Management
Gus Slovinsky / Family Practice Law
Ben Vallejos / Non-Profit Conservation
Diane Wages / International Banking
Betty Waznis / Municipal Government Administration
Ken Weimer / Investments
Tina Williams
Brad Wilson / Casualty Insurance
Bud Wilson / Casualty Insurance
Last updated Nov. 26, 2018
In Rotary, members’ classifications refer to their occupations, professional expertise, and training. Rotary clubs aim to include members from a number of classifications because bringing together professionals from different fields and industries increases a club’s capacity to serve its community as well as giving its members an opportunity to learn more about others in the community. 
We encourage and promote diversity in our club. People of different backgrounds, color, beliefs, orientation and age strengthen the connections we have as people of action. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Rotarian, click on the button below to go to our Become A Member page.